Sunday, November 24, 2013

Chasing State Records at Scofield

Fishing Time:  8:30 am to 1:00 pm
Weather:  partly cloudy, no wind, T-40s
Moon Phase:  60% Moon
Location:  Scofield Reservoir
Bait:  Jerk baits, rapalas, crankbaits, white tube jig tipped with sucker
Water Temp:  34 degrees
Who Went:  Rick, Bobber John, Alonzo, Me

The state record for tiger trout has been broken a few times in the last year all from Scofield Reservoir and the photos of all these big fish has definitely got my blood pumping.  I fished Scofield a lot growing up in my trout filled childhood, but Scofield has been off the radar for a long time.  I think it's time to rekindle the relationship.  

We were the only boat on the lake today, after Rick's jeep slid down the icy boat ramp and launched us into the cold water.  I read reports that the entire lake was capped with an inch of ice the next day.  Therefore, we were the last ones to put a boat on Scofield in the year 2013.  The temps were not "Scofield" cold and the wind was calm, so it was a perfect day for fishing.  We had high hopes of landing the new state record tiger trout.
I started the day with a nice chunky tiger that got all our juices flowing and we thought it was the start to an epic day.  
We caught quite a few fish, mostly cutthroats, but Rick threw a rarity in the mix for Scofield when he landed this nice brown trout.
Bobber John and his brother in-law Alonzo were on the cutthroat train and landed quite a few of them, but never did get any with much size.
For a moment we all thought Alonzo had the state record on after being was snagged for a few minutes he broke free, but something was still on the end of his line.  Instead it ended up being another fisherman's long lost fishing pole decked out with a sweet push button Zebco reel.
I was able to land one nice tiger trout late in the day, but it wasn't the state record we were looking for.  It's my personal best tiger trout to this point in my life.  We didn't get a length or weight on him, but he was a nice fish. 

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David Collins said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences. I learn a lot from them. New to Utah. My son and I love to fish. We have been trying out a bunch of spots with mixed success. Keep the posts coming