Monday, September 2, 2013

The Good, Bad, and The Ugly

Fishing Time:  1:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Weather: Partly cloudy, windy, T-80s
Moon Phase:  7% Moon
Location: Bear River
Bait:  Bobber- gold blue fox spinner, Rick and Me- white and green streamers on the fly rods
Who Went:  Bobber John, Rick, Me
I met up with Rick and Bobber John on the Bear River as I was heading from my family vacation in Bear Lake to Kemmerer, Wyoming to work the next week.  The weather was sporadic with light rain, wind and clouds throughout the day.  The wind made it tough with a fly rod.  It didn’t seem to matter for Bobber John though as he hooked up with the first Bear River brown of the day using a worm underneath what else… a bobber. 
After Bobbers fish we went through a long stretch of river with no fish to be found or caught.  We finally came across one deeper stretch of river that ended up being our best producer.  Bobber John had switched to a gold blue fox spinner and Rick and I were throwing streamers on our fly rods.  Bobber and I both hooked up at the same time and brought in two beautiful Bear River browns, although John’s put mine to shame.  The size and beautiful colors were awesome.  
It was Bobbers first day catching brown trout and he started with a bang.  Bobber landed one more nice brown off the spinner in this hole.

We worked the rest of the river without a bite and made our way back to Rick’s jeep where we always end the day by fishing a large slow moving area of the river where it has been partially impounded by large rocks and chunks of concrete.  We always see monster carp jumping in this area and we know there in there.  I casted Bobbers spinner for a minute while he threw out his trusted bobber with a white marabou jig, tipped with a worm.  Within a few minutes Bobber was in a long battle with the biggest, and ugliest carp I have ever seen landed on rod and reel.  It weighed 20 lbs and looked like it had eaten two basketballs.  
Rick and I both dropped our fly rods and threw out the bobber set-up hoping to duplicate his success, but there can only be one master of the bobber, and Rick and I fell short.  The Bear River was stubborn as usual, but the few fish caught made the trip.  I will always take quality over quantity.

On a side note… In the last couple months, Bobber John has landed his Personal Best fish for four different species:  35 lb lake trout from Fish Lake, 6 lb brown trout from the Bear River, 3 lb Brook Trout from the Boulder Mountain, and a 20 lb Carp from the Bear River.  Not a bad few outings for the bobber!  Congrats buddy.

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