Friday, November 20, 2009

Walking Thistle Creek

Fishing Time: 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Weather: Sunny, clear, 50's
Moon Phase: 15% Moon
Locations: Thistle Creek, Spanish Fork River, Hobble Creek
Bait: #1 Gold Mepps Spinner
Who Went: Phil, Me

The weekend forecast called for snow, snow, and more snow so I got my hours in for the week and took a half day off on Friday to go fishing. I talked to my cousin Phil and he wanted to go, so we decided with the limited time we had we would run up to thistle and walk the river for a couple hours. When we got there we saw an SUV parked in our fishing territory and soon realized that they were working the same stretch of river that we planned on fishing. It was frustrating but we headed down to the river anyway. In the first decent fishing hole we found I had a fish on with my second cast. It was a about as good a fish as your going to get on Thistle Creek so I had Phil take my picture with him before letting him go. As I was letting him go, Phil had a fish follow his spinner down the river and then the fish just stopped and stared at it when Phil couldn't reel in anymore. So Phil dragged the spinner up stream for about a foot and the fish took it. We thought it must be the dumbest fish in the river and we got a pretty good laugh over it.
I casted one more time into this hole before moving on and caught another small brown. I told Phil after taking some pictures, we won't have to worry about pulling out the camera anymore in between fish since it's kind of a pain while walking the river. Little did I know those would be the only 3 fish caught all day! We continued upstream and started to notice a lot of footsteps in the mud and realized there was a reason we didn't catch anymore fish. Those two guys had obviously beat us to the punch and fished that stretch of the river just before us. We decided to leave and head down the canyon and try a stretch of the Spanish Fork River where a guy that Phil knows claims to catch 5-6 lb Browns on a regular basis. When we got there the river looked good but the water was flowing extremely fast. We could barely wade through it without losing our footing and falling in the river. It might still be a good spot, but not when its flowing like that. Then we went back to Phil's house and grabbed his two boys and took them up to Hobble Creek. I had to move some tables at our family cabin for thanksgiving so Phil helped me out real quick and then we ran down to the river so Dax and Stratton could catch a fish. It was tough fishing such a small stream with a spinner. If we would have had a worm I am sure we could have caught fish, but the only thing we came prepared with was a Mepp's Spinner. We had fun walking the stream anyway with Dax and Stratty. They found sticks and ran around having a good time. I can't wait until Devin is in the mix running along with them!

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