Saturday, January 9, 2010

Skunky Day on the Ice

Fishing Time: 8:30 a.m to 1:30 p.m.
Weather: Warm, high 40's
Moon Phase: 26% Moon
Location/Bait: Willard Bay: small ice flies tipped with meal worm. I-80 Pond: "frozen minnows"
Who Went : John, JJ, Me
JJ called and asked if we could go fishing this Saturday, but he wanted to go somewhere new that we have never been before. He also didn't want to travel very far, so after some deep thought we decided on Willard Bay. Not many people ice fish Willard Bay and you don't hear many good reports from there, but we decided to try it anyway. To bad hind sight is 20/20, cause I wish we would have chose a different lake! We saw very few fish on our electronics, and didn't get any bites. By 10:00 a.m. we had about enough and started brainstorming on where we could fish on the way home if we ended the trip short at Willard. We finally came up with a crazy idea about ice fishing the I-80 ponds for largemouth bass. Of course I was down with the idea because these are the kind of wild trips that I live for. We all thought about it and finally agreed to pack up and make the trip. We picked up some special bait at the pet store on our way there, and I kept wondering whether it was going to be frozen enough to walk on, but we were pleasantly surprised to find the ice was a solid 4 inches and completely safe! The I-80 Pond is only about 5-6 feet deep and you could look down your ice hole and see the fish swimming around. We only saw a couple swim by, but it was pretty cool when we did. Needless to say our special bait didn't work and we ended the day with a big fat skunk. It was a fun day though, and its already got my mind daydreaming about how I can get the largemouth to bite through the ice! I guess I've got all summer to think about it. That's the great thing about fishing... there's always tomorrow!

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