Monday, June 21, 2010

Fathers Day Surprise

Fishing Time: 7:00 to 10:00 AM
Weather: Sunny, hot
Location: Utah Lake
Best Bait:  Worm 2 ft under a bobber
Who Went:  Dunc

Okay so the truth is that today is December 5, 2016 as I am writing this.  I found this draft report that has apparently been sitting unfinished for six years.  That said, I can't go into much detail about this trip, but I do remember it and the reason is because I absolutely slayed the channel catfish that day.  I remember launching my float tube early in the morning near Geneva Steel and making my way around to the reed line.  I was casting a worm underneath a bobber and it was game on for 15-18 inch channel catfish.  I believe I caught around 20 of them and remember I couldn't cast shallow enough.  There were fish in as little as 1-2 feet of water.  As soon as I made the cast the bobber would disappear.

I believe this was on fathers day and Cari surprised me and told me the night before to go enjoy the morning for some alone time.  I had two kids.  Dev would have been fourteen months and Addi was 4 months old.  Dayton wasn't born yet.  A lot has changed since then.  Dev is now 7, Addi is 6, and Dayton was born almost a year to the day after this trip and is now 5!  Crazy.  Anyway.  Here are the pics from that day...

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