Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bobber John's Spotlight Moment

Fishing Time: Sun-up to Sun-down
Weather: No wind, hot-90's
Moon Phase: 98% Moon
Location: Flaming Gorge - Linwood Bay
Water Temp: 66 degrees
Bait: 7-inch rainbow tube jig
Method: Inch-jig
Who Went: Bobber John, Rick, Me

After coming home from Flaming Gorge and flaunting the pictures of the lake trout we caught a couple weeks ago, my friends did everything they could to get me back up there and show them how it’s done. With limited time and conflicting schedules the only remedy was to do an extreme all day and one night trip. We left at 2:15 a.m. on Saturday morning and were on the lake by 6 a.m. With it being the 24th of July weekend I knew it was going to be busy, but I never expected the amount of fishing boats that were actually on the water. Luckily we got there early enough to get a head start on them. Just as it was starting to get busy, John landed the first lake trout he’s ever caught with a nice 24 pounder. He was ecstatic with the catch and is now addicted to lake trout fishing the same way I am. It took him 15-20 minutes to reel in and this is probably about 10 minutes longer than the normal fight for a 24 pound lake trout, so I thought it was going to be a 30+ pound fish, but it wasn’t to be. Either way it was a great fish and especially for your first lake trout ever! About an hour later John hooked up again and landed another lake trout, but this one was smaller at around 8 pounds! The presentation we used on this trip is what I call the inch-jig method and was taught to me by Captain Jim Williams. Jim is the best fishing guide Flaming Gorge has to offer and has taught me more about the big lake trout up there than I could have learned in a lifetime of fishing there. They are truly a difficult species to catch consistently, and I am not there yet, but I seem to get a little better each time I go. We finished the rest of the day without getting another hit and unfortunately Rick still hasn’t been lucky enough to enjoy the feeling of a big laker on the end of his line, but it will happen! The barrage of fishing boats on Flaming Gorge over the 24th is what I think killed the fishing, and I now realize why Captain Jim always tells me to run as far away from Flaming Gorge as you possibly can on a holiday weekend. Unfortunately for me, I have to go when I get the chance and can’t be picky choosy like he has the luxury of being! There was a considerable difference in the mood of the fish below us in the early morning hours on Saturday, compared to later in the day when there were 50 other boats dropping jigs on them. The fish showed no interest in our jigs once the clan of other fisherman showed up. Live and learn I suppose! We woke up early on Sunday and fished for 2 hours before we had to be home for other commitments, but the fish were still in a cranky mood and again I think it had to do with all the fishing pressure from the day before. We loaded up and were off the lake by 8 a.m. and home by 11:30. Now I’m being tortured everyday with the thought of when I will get back up there. I just hope it’s sooner rather than later!

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