Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pike Fishing Through Ice at Yuba

Fishing Time:  8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Weather:  Partly cloudy, breezy, T-30's
Moon Phase:  25% Moon
Location:  Yuba Reservoir
Bait:  Tip ups - whole anchovy or chub, rods - jigs, spoons tipped with chovy or chub
Who Went:  John, Me 
The secret is out about the pike fishing success at Yuba and the recently aired “Roughin it Outdoors with Adam Eakle,” has turned it up a notch to absolute chaos.  John and I scheduled a day off work this week in an attempt to avoid the crowds.  We parked on the Painted Rocks boat ramp next to two other vehicles.  They were the only other vehicles to park at Painted Rocks while we were there.  The weekday trip was already proving to be a success.
We hiked towards the narrows and set up in 15-20 feet of water just off a point that has treated me well in years past from the boat.  We put out two tip ups rigged with a full anchovy or chub and each fished one rod, for a total of four lines in the water.  Johns tip up was the first to see action, but it took a few misses before the first pike was landed. 
It didn't take long and John’s tip up was going off again.  This time he upgraded to a slightly bigger fish.  
It seemed like Johns tip up was going off all day, but only a few fish were landed.  He was definitely in the honey hole though because my tip up never got touched, even after moving it only ten feet from his.  We had the best success suspending the bait about 5 feet from the bottom.

I had multiple fish come up to my jig to look at it before they swam off disinterested.  Before the day ended I finally coaxed one into hitting my silver daredevil spoon tipped with an anchovy.  It turned out to be the nicest pike of the day.  
We left earlier than we wanted, but it was a good day and those pike fight hard through the ice which made it fun.  Before we left we talked to a guy at the ramp who told us there were over 300 people out here the Saturday before, so the weekday plan was well worth it.     

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