Monday, April 21, 2014

Provo River Walleye

Fishing Time:  4:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Weather:  Sunny, breezy, T-70s
Moon Phase:  55% Moon
Location: Wallsburg Bay Inlet/Middle Provo above Charleston Bridge
Bait:  Wallsburg- swimbait, Middle Provo- rapala, small lipless crankbait
Who Went:  Me

With the warm weather recently, I figured today may be the day to break this year’s walleye curse up at Deer Creek Reservoir.  As usual I figured wrong.  I first tried the Wallsburg inlet mainly throwing a swimbait rigged weedless so that it wouldn’t get snagged in the shallow weedy conditions.  I did have a few bites, but I racked it up to small trout that couldn’t find the weedless hook imbedded in my swimbait.

Unsuccessful and deflated I headed to the Middle Provo to try my luck there.  On my first cast with a lipless crankbait I hooked up with a feisty rainbow trout.  At least I didn’t get skunked. 
The river was running a little faster than I would have liked, but not unfishable.  I continued casting for over an hour with my crankbait and a small rapala and landed a couple more rainbow trout, but no walleye.  I didn’t get the feeling the walleye had started their migration up the river yet.  I didn’t see any in the slower clear moving water and obviously didn’t catch any.

I left while there was still some daylight and headed back to the Wallsburg inlet.  I casted my swimbait all around the inlet until dark without a bite.  Final tally this spring… Walleye 3, Chris 0.  Luckily it’s time to pursue bass and I can forget that walleye exist the rest of the year.  

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