Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Hunt for Big Brown Trout

Fishing Time:  8:30 to 2:30 PM
Weather:  Partly cloudy, breezy, T-50s
Moon Phase:  79% Moon
Location:  Bear River
Best Baits:  Pale orange glow bugs (egg pattern)
Who Went:  Rick, Bobber John, Dunc

It’s time to chase those spawning browns again on the Bear River.  We arrived to breezy conditions that became windy by noon.  It made it tough with a fly rod, especially for an amateur like me. 
We were a bit early in the spawning process, but there were a few fish starting to fan beds.  We hit all the usual spots with a few early fish giving us the middle finger.  We taunted a couple fish for over an hour, but couldn’t get them to commit.  We finally found one group that wanted to play and Rick was able to trick one into biting and bring it to shore.  You can check out the action on my YouTube Channel...
At the next spot it was my turn to get into the action.  I rigged up a fresh glow bug and on my first cast into a group of about three fish I hooked up with a nice Bear River Brown. 
Bobbers tried and true method with the orange jighead with a worm didn’t have any luck this outing.  It was tough fishing, but should only get better as the spawn progresses.

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