Friday, January 2, 2015

The Kids First Ice Fishing Trip

Fishing Time:  3:30 to 5:30 pm
Weather:  Cold, clear, T-30s
Moon Phase:  94% Moon
Location:  Utah Lake (Pelican Bay Harbor)
Bait:  Ice flies tipped with meal worm
Who Went:  Devin, Addison, Dayton, Cari, Me
I had some time off work over the holidays and I promised the kids I would take them ice fishing.  I could see the wheels turning in there heads as I talked to them about how we would use a hand auger to drill through the ice covered lake so that we could drop our fishing lines down to the bottom. Their imaginations ran wild with the whole idea and they had to see it to believe it.   

The weather has been unbelievably warm this winter and I wasn't sure if I would be able to keep my promise to the kids.  Finally a cold snap settled in the week after Christmas and some of the nearby lakes gave in and iced over.
I figured Utah Lake would be the best place to take the kids if for any other reason its close to home and if they got cold we could leave without much hassle.  Cari and I bundled them up and headed to Pelican Bay Harbor on the west side of Utah Lake.  
We first tried drilling a few holes in an area with no snow, but the kids kept slipping and couldn't seem to stay upright, so we moved to an area covered with snow.  I popped three holes as the kids watched with amazement.  
Devin and Addi picked their holes and started fishing, but Dayton still wasn't sure about the whole idea.  He was pretty happy cozying up with mom and staying warm.
The two oldest dedicated themselves to fishing for a whopping 15-20 minutes before I started to lose them.  Not catching fish wasn't helping.  The sled I brought from home soon became a bigger hit than the fishing.  As I pulled Dev and Addi around on the slick ice, Cari and Dayton tried their hands at fishing for a bit. 
They didn't have any luck either and with the sun going down and an early moon popping over Mount Timpanogos the temperatures dropped dramatically and it was time to find some hot chocolate and get warm. 

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