Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What Else Would I Expect at Utah Lake Part Two

Fishing Time: 12:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Weather: 60's, wind - 10 mph, partly cloudy
Moon Phase: 50% Moon
Location: Utah Lake
Water Temps: 47 deg in harbor, 55 deg in bass hole, 45 deg at Lincoln Beach, 47 deg Spanish Fork Inlet
Bait: Bass: jig-n-pig, Walleye: curly tail grubs on 1/8 or 1/16 oz jig head
Who Went: Rick, Me

Rick and I decided to take a half day off work today and go hit the walleye run at Utah Lake… Turns out, I should’ve stayed at work! We arrived around noon and fished the inside of Provo Boat Harbor hoping for an early spring bass. Water temps are still very cold inside the harbor at 47.3 degrees.We didn't catch any bass inside the harbor, so we headed to our bass honey hole where water temps reached the 55 degree mark. Rick hooked into a nice bass right off the rip with this 3.5 lb fatty. It was caught on a black/blue jig with matching trailer.We continued fishing this spot for over 2 hours and I couldn’t buy one bite. Rick landed one more chunky 2 lb bass, but that was the last largemouth caught all day.Rick put on a small jig tipped with a meal worm underneath a bobber and caught non-stop bluegill while I continued to struggle trying to land a largemouth. I jumped off the boat to fish the shoreline for a bit and was amazed as the ground was moving with snakes! They were water snakes and I’ve never seen anything like it. As I stood there fishing they would crawl over my feet like I wasn’t even there. Not the place to be fishing if you have a snake phobia.

At about 2:30 we made the journey over to Lincoln Beach. The wind was blowing on the main lake and the drive over was a teeth chattering experience (miserable). The wind was blowing from the south and once we reached Lincoln Beach it ended up being quite calm with West Mountain acting as our wind block. We both put on tandem curly tailed grubs in bright colors and started casting. After about an hour with no bites we decided to try the Spanish Fork River Inlet to finish the evening.

When we arrived at Spanish Fork there were already 5 guys lining the river channel casting away. We joined the group by anchoring our boat in the line-up and started casting with them.Rick also threw out a worm on a sinker and started catching white bass immediately. By 7:00 the whole Spanish Fork River crew was getting skunked. The group had grown to 13 fishermen with no fish to show for it. At one point a lone fisherman away from the group had a walleye on for a minute, only to lose him before putting a net on him.Just as it was getting close to total darkness we saw someone pull their net out in pursuit of a caught fish. At one point during the fight he had to put the net away just to keep fighting the fish. Rick and I got the feeling that this might be a big fish and we were right. The only fish landed all night was a 9.4 pound walleye with a belly the size of two softballs. The high fives began among the groupies and he took it onshore to take some photos. That was the highlight of the night as Rick and I left at 8 back to the Provo Boat Harbor. The ride home was pure depression. Our walleye efforts over the last few years have been nothing but heartache. We are headed to Lake Powell in April and it can’t come soon enough. I need to catch some fish!

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