Sunday, May 6, 2012

Walleye Spawning on the Provo River

Fishing Time:  5:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Weather:  Cool, breezy, T-50s
Moon Phase:  Full Moon
Location:  Provo River (above Deer Creek)
Bait:  Rapalas, crankbaits, swimbaits, curly tail grubs
Who Went:  Rick, Tim Duke, Me
The walleye spawn is officially on at the Provo River above Deer Creek and the reports have been more than spectacular.  This trip had everything going for it…  The spawn is on, the moon is full, and Tim Duke reported catching multiple fish the last two nights with some very big fish lost at his feet.  The stars had finally aligned and Rick and I were ready to reap the rewards.  Tim all but guaranteed us both a multiple fish trip for walleye, with a good chance at a monster.  Rick and I were like two kids on Christmas Eve during the drive up, thinking of all the possibilities that awaited us.  Who will catch the big one?   Who will hit double digits for walleye in one trip?  It seemed as if all we had to do was show up and the greatest walleye story of our lives was about to fall into place.

Now back to reality.  Rick had one walleye on for a few seconds, but lost it.  I caught one small male, and Tim Duke lost one walleye that looked big at our feet, but his 4 lb test failed him once again, so we will never really know.  We threw everything from rapalas, crankbaits, swimbaits, and curly tailed jigs in assorted colors and sizes.  Tim couldn’t believe it.  The previous two days were dynamite, and just like that, it shut off.  I tried to explain that it all made perfect sense…  Rick and I were there.  I swear we both have walleye repellent imbedded in our skin.  Funny thing is I wasn’t all that disappointed.  I just chalked it up to another walleye outing where one fish is the norm.  Wish I could say I’m done with walleye, but somehow, I just know I will be out there hunting them again.  It’s a disease! 

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grant olsen said...

Hey Dunc, I love following your fishing trips. You've seriously landed some amazing fish. I write an outdoor column for and would love to feature you in an article sometime. Let me know if you have trophy fish expedition coming up this summer that I could join you on and then I'll write a report of it for my readers.