Monday, June 4, 2012

Utah Lake Catfishing with the Kids

Fishing Time:  3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Weather:  Sunny, hot, T-90
Moon Phase:  89% Moon
Location:  Utah Lake
Bait:  Plain worm worked best, also used shrimp and cut-bait
Who Went:  Rick, Dylan, Elle, Devin, Me
I took Devin down to Utah Lake today along with Rick and his two girls (Dylan, and Elle), for some catfishing off the shore on the south end of the lake in Goshen Bay.  Before leaving for the lake, Devin had just returned from the doctor to confirm that he has a nasty cold.  I took him anyway, but started re-thinking my decision after the first 20 minutes.  He was whiney, tired, and pretty much miserable the entire trip.  We caught a few channel catfish, one crappie, and a perch.  Devin wanted to catch a catfish so bad, but when we finally landed one, Ricks girls showed him up by holding them up for a picture, while Devin wouldn't go near it!
He’s a little on the timid/cautious side.  I left early to get Devin home and his eyes were shut before I even pulled onto the road.  He slept for 2 straight hours, confirming that the little guy just wasn’t up for fishing today.  Rick stayed longer with his girls and reported a couple more catfish to finish the day.  He also stopped at the Provo Boat Harbor on the way home and confirmed that now is the time for bass fishing in the harbors.  He reported catching one nice 2 pounder and seeing someone else catch 3 in the 2-3 lb range.

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