Tuesday, June 9, 2015

One Tough Kid

Fishing Time:  7:00 PM to 9:30 PM
Weather:  Sunny, clear skies, T-80s
Moon Phase:  50% Moon
Location:  Utah Lake (Pelican Bay Harbor)
Best Bait:  Spinnerbait
Who Went:  Devin, Dunc
I fished Utah Lake with my son Devin and found out what a tough little dude he is.  When we got there the freshly hatched mayflies were swarming the brush and by nightfall they were everywhere in full force.  On first arrival Dev was a little freaked out, but once I explained that the mayflies don’t bite and are only buggy he seemed fine.  He asked me “Dad do bugs get there name because there so buggy?”

I got him set up with a worm underneath a bobber and figured he could cast that around while I threw a spinnerbait for bass, but before I could even tie on my spinnerbait, we had a tangle.  I fixed the tangle and went to put on my spinnerbait, but another tangle.  It must have taken 45 minutes before I had enough time to even tie on a spinnerbait.  To Dev’s credit, the reel he was using did not function correctly and the poor little dude kept thinking it was his fault.  It's definitely time to upgrade his reel.

Finally I got my crappie colored spinnerbait tied on and on the very first cast tight to the shoreline I was slammed by a nice largemouth.  I quickly handed Dev my rod and he reeled the big largemouth in all by himself.
I started thinking, I might as well put a spinnerbait on Dev’s rod as well since he loves to cast and reel anyway.  I tied one on for him but unfortunately he didn’t have any luck.  I had one more fish on my spinnerbait that felt really nice, but before I could hand the rod to Dev it popped off.
Just before dark we watched some teenage boys go running off the docks to their car to get away from all the bugs.  Dev was pretty proud of himself that he was tough enough to stay.  In fact, he wouldn’t let me leave because he wanted to catch another fish.  We tried soaking a worm until dark, but didn’t get another bite. 

It was a fun day with my boy and I’m proud of how tough he’s getting.  Last year he definitely wouldn’t have made it out of the car with all the mayflies flying around.

I went back to Utah Lake the next day during a long lunch break, but decided to give Lindon Harbor a try instead.  I worked the entire harbor with my crappie colored spinnerbait working the shorelines out to 15 feet, but was only able to land one Largemouth.  Luckily it was a pig and put up a great fight.  It made my work day in the office almost bearable.

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