Sunday, January 31, 2016

Ocean Front Property in Arizona

Fishing Time:  9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Weather:  Sunny, clear, calm until 11:00 then breezy, T-75
Moon Phase:  50% Moon
Water Temp:  58 degrees
Location:  Colorado River - Yuma, Arizona
Best Bait:  Texas rigged senko (green pumkin) 8 oz bullet wt
Who Went:  Dunc

If you think it’s been a long time since my last fishing trip… well that’s because it has been.  Work has kept me extremely busy from late summer through the end of 2015 working 13 to 14 hour days.  Weekends haven’t been much better.  On top of that I was relocated to Yuma, Arizona at the first of the year for a 3 month job (January to April).  Unfortunately this hasn’t left much time for fishing.
Okay now here‘s the good part.  I found a house for rent in Yuma that sits right on the Colorado River near Lake Martinez (Fisher’s Landing).  I have my own private boat dock and sit on one of the best fishing lakes on the river (Fence Lake).   
(My house is the middle brown one, boat dock bottom right)

(Boat at private dock)

Work is still keeping me busy during the week and a nasty cold the last couple weekends has kept me staying indoors, but I finally got the boat out for a few hours this morning and let me tell you… walking out your back door to your private boat dock, untying and instantly fishing is heaven on earth.  That said, it’s January and even though the air temps are reaching the 70s every day, the lakes are still cold and the fishing seems a bit slow.  There's been a bass tournament every Saturday since I’ve been here and dozens of boats have passed through the cove where I live and I have yet to see anyone boat a bass.  The only fishing I’ve done so far was a couple weeks ago when I launched and drove my boat to my dock.  Supposedly the hot bait right now is crankbaits, which I hate, but I tried an assortment of colors with no luck.  Once again the crankbait failed me. 

Today was a new day and I decided to fish with baits I have confidence in.  I started with a Texas-rigged senko in green pumpkin.  Shortly after leaving my dock I had my first bite.  I swung and missed only to reel in a have bitten off senko.  Rigged up again and continued to run the shoreline which is full of underwater cover and boat docks.  The underwater cover looks amazing, but all my action came from the boat docks in slightly deeper water.  I think the bass are still a bit deep right now.  I’ve yet to see one swimming near the shoreline.  I landed a couple chunky bass in the pound and a half range before the wind came up.  I switched to a spinnerbait, but wasn’t able to put anymore bass in the boat.  It should only get better as the weather warms.

I will probably start giving weekly updates  on the fishing since I sporadically get an hour here and there to sneak a little fishing in.  I leave you with the sunset from my back patio.  The sunsets are absolutely amazing down here...

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