Saturday, February 27, 2016

Family Fun in the Arizona Sun

Fishing Time:  February 25 to 28, 2016
Weather:  Sunny and clear, T-90s
Moon Phase:  92 to 71% Moon
Water Temp:  Morning - 65, Afternoon - 70 deg
Location:  Colorado River, Arizona
Best Bait:  Texas rigged white pearl senko (8 oz wt)
Who Went:  Devin, Addison, Dayton, Dunc
The family is here and it’s not quiet around anymore!  The kids love the lake house and especially the dock.  Surprisingly the dock is more exciting to fish from than the boat.  I can’t blame them since there are bass on beds all over near the dock.  The photo above is Dayton trying to entice a male bass guarding a bed two feet from shore.  Unfortunately with all the commotion the bass on beds were not biting.  Try explaining to a 4, 5, and 6 year old that you need to be quiet and sneak up on them.  Yeah right. 
One day we went down to the bait shop to get some live bait.  I figured this might be there best chance at catching a fish.  Well… the live bait instantly became our pets and not many ever made it on a hook. 

Devin did finally land a bass fishing from the back of the boat.  It makes my day watching the kids reel in fish. 

About an hour later we were out on the boat and Dev had a snag (we had a lot of those), and I had just barely casted a senko into shallow water.  I gave the rod to Dayton (4 years old) and told him to reel it in really slow while daddy fixed Devin’s snag.  I got the snag out and turned around to find Dayton reeling in a fish!  Awesome!  
He got it all the way to the boat, but unfortunately it popped off right before I could grab it.  This was our last fish of the trip.  The kids had a blast, but keeping their attention to fish was near impossible. 
One night we ran up river a few miles, turned the motor off, and floated all the way back home during sunset.  I fished the whole way down river, but no fish were found in the cold river water.  Floating in silence and hanging with the family was really fun.  It was a great time having my family visit me at the Arizona lake house.

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