Saturday, February 13, 2016

It's Starting to Heat up in Arizona

Fishing Time:  February 8 to 14, 2016
Weather:  Sunny, clear, breezy to windy, T-80s
Moon Phase:  0 to 43% Moon
Water Temp:  Morning - 58, Afternoon - 61
Location:  Colorado River, Arizona
Best Bait:  Texas rigged green pumpkin senko (8 oz wt)
Who Went:  Dunc
I'm not much for selfies, but I was getting a little bored with holding the same 2 pound bass out for a photo, so, I tried to switch it up a bit.  I took more GoPro video than photos this week and I'm hoping to make a video of my time down here.

This was my most successful week since I've been here, but still nothing over 2 pounds.  The water is warming into the low 60s by the end of the day, but it has been windy.  I think if the winds die down the water will warm even more and the bass should start to flock to the shallows.  This weekend air temps were reaching 90 degrees.  From what I'm hearing the bass usually spawn in the middle of March.  For now I'm still catching most my bass in deeper water. Anywhere there is grass or sunken trees in 6 to 10 feet of water.
I've tried a few other baits, but for some reason the only thing that continues to get action is the Texas-rigged senko.  Bites usually come as soon as I bounce through an underwater tree or run through some deep grass.  If there's no grass or cover then there is usually no fish.  Some of the background scenery while fishing here is pretty amazing...


UtahBass50 said...

Hey Chris, totally jealous of your AZ fishing time! It is starting to warm up here in UC, but not tank top weather, yet. I don't know your take on bass clubs, but I'm working with a friend to start one up called Central Utah Bassmasters. Check it out on facebook if you get a chance. Let me know if you have any interest. Someone with your background in fishing would seriously add to what we're trying to do.

Glad to see you're fishing/posting again! Have fun down south, and sounds like you should be back just in time for some bass spawn time. Still hope to get out on the water with you some time.

Chris Duncan said...

Looking forward to returning home just in time for the bass to wake up along the Wasatch Front!

Utah Lake should be about ready when I return in April. As for tournament fishing or bass clubs... I've been there done that and don't care for it much. Maybe I was just with the wrong group, but I always got the feeling they enjoyed holding the trophy more than the fish. To each their own. I hope your club works out though.